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Anonymous said...

This is one of Ozzybinoswald aka Thomson's favorite blogs.

Ozzy is a sleazy guy who worked close to Craig "Killtown" Lazo spreading lies about Mark Humphrey being the Harley Guy and other crap online, including a unhealthy interest in scantily clad under-aged girls. Famous quote from "Killtown" Lazo:

"ER, I not a big fan at all of using porn to get more hits for TV fakery, but where is your evidence that it is/has discredited the movement?

Ozzy also was part of Ghost Troop, a group of fringe nutters, one of which shot up the Holocaust Museum.

Why are you getting this message? Because conspiracy scammers don't get to get away with it. Neither Craig Lazo or Mr. Thomson will delete their lies, so everyone gets to know about them.

Have a nice day!

Aus911Truth said...

That link showed,

"We can't find that page yet. Feel free to let us know about it"

I don't know where to contact.
Anyway, the only way to stop various crimes committed in front of our eyes around the world including chemtrails, is to topple our rotten and FAKE SO-CALLED Governments which are actually COMPANIES!!
by stop giving our power ($$$ and vote) to the traitorous fraudulent shocking criminals who have been deceiving their nations i.e. PEOPLE who are the real owner of the countries.

They are SO powerful and destroying our countries BECAUSE we're swindled to BELIEVE that they are our 'Governments', and paying them whatever they tell us to pay, and vote as they tell us to.

We desperately need this PEACEFUL REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW instead of taking this matter to a FAKE court by collecting donations from good Samaritans, ONLY to waste their money and energy.

A Company which is calling themselves "Department of Justice" does NOT have any authority at all!!
Why do you go there?
it's like a company such as Kmart, KFC or whatever telling you that they're going to have a court hearing.
Is that valid!?? OF COURSE NOT. It's NULL and VOID.

Check the facts, and THINK!!

Aus911Truth said...

BTW, Twitter kicked me out for good in FEB14
after suspending me for about 33 times, BECAUSE I was tweeting about

- immunization/vaccination/modern medicine FRAUD
- heavy metal toxins incl copper and aluminum as the REAL cause of various problems such as
autism, developmental disorder, learning difficulties, delinquency, Asperger, depression, schizophrenia,
domestic violence and violent crimes excluding their INSIDE JOBs, False Flag Operations and the result of
their insidious evil crime called 'Gang stalking'
- Governments are Companise, and how to fight back

in both Eng and JP.
Please say hello to MartineHume et al and spread above for me.
Thank you.